Students meeting

Encatc has since a few years back invited students of its member organisations to arrange a student's conference parallell to the ordinary yearly conference. At the Göteborg Conference, students are instead invited to take part of the full programme of the conference. This change is due to evaluations from earlier student-meetings, where a wish has been to be part of the full programme. It is also our belief that the students of our training centres are important partners. If students would like to meet and arrange workshops and exchanges on their own, this is also possible. In the programme this is possible mainly on Saturday, when participants set their own agenda, workshops and points for discussing according to the Open Space, on June 2.

For direct contact with the students of Kulturverkstan and Globalverkstan, please contact:
Rakel Heed,
Per Ottosson,


Fairly cheap accomodation is found at the Youth Hostel, in the centre of the city. For contact, look under "Practicalities". We have a few possiblities to arrange for sleep-over at some of our students' places. Please contact the students above for more information. There is always the possibility of couchsurfing, look at the website for more information!


Each memberorganisation of Encatc can send two representatives from the students free of charge. For additional students or non-memberstudents there is a fee of 20 Euro/day. The student (or its training organisation) pay flight, youth hostel and costs, unfortunately the organisers can not cover this. To find what is included in the conference, please look under "Registration".