Göteborg, May 31 – June 3 2007 (provisional programme)

Thursday, May 31

15.00–18.00 Members of Encatc: General Assembly
Venue: Museum of World Cultures
18.30– Conference-warmingup at Brew House
Welcome: Mrs Lotta Lekvall and Mrs Josiane Bolenge, Nätverkstan

Opening speeches:
Mr Lars Nordström, President of the Cultural Committee, the Region Västra Götaland
Ms Helena Nyhus, President of the Cultural Committee, at the city of Göteborg
Mrs Brittmo Bernhardsson, Project Manager Culture and Media Production at Business Region Göteborg

The start of Encatc Conference Rally (see below)

Friday, June 1

"Conditions and reality for cultural entrepreneurs in Europe"

10.00–10.30 Opening
Mr Hermann Voesgen, President Encatc
Mr David Karlsson and Mrs Lotta Lekvall, Nätverkstan
Ms Karin Wolf, Institut für Kulturkoncepte Vienna and
Ms Gesa Birnkraut, Institut für Kulturkoncepte Hamburg
10.30–11.30 Ms Venu Dhupa, Director of Creative Innovation at
South Bank Centre, London.
13.00– Study visits to organisations around Göteborg and West Sweden.  Please look under "Study visits" for your choice. Buses for visits outside of Göteborg will leave from the conference venue at 13.00. In the evening there is time for cultural visits. Look under "About Göteborg"  for ideas and examples.
19.00 – Cultural Activities
Five and a half for extraordinary thinking – Katarina Nitsch Art Perfomance at Atalante (19.00h) or
Hans Appelqvist + Erik Malmberg at the Jazzclub Nefertiti (20.00 h)


Saturday, June 2 

"Cultural Entrepreneur 2012"


Under the heading "Cultural Entrepreneur 2012", participants set the agenda and work in workshop groups. We work through an Open Space led by Margareta Forsberg, a very experienced conductor of Open Space events. For more information of the Open Space, please look into "Open Space".

Introduction by Mr Chris Torch and Ms Venu Dhupa(20 min)
Moderator for Open Space Ms Margareta Forsberg


Encatc Members: Board Election 2007

Reception Night in Cooperation with "ImPulse Clandestino", Bwana Club and Nätverkstan
Please take a look under "Reception Night" for more information


Sunday, June 3    

"How do we reinvent training within the cultural field to meet new competencies?"

Mr Chris Torch, Artistic Director for Intercult in Sweden and Vice-President for EFAH
Awadhendra Sharan, Historian and active in the artistic network Sarai, New Dehli, India
11.00–11.30 Break
11.30–12.30 Roundtable discussion.
Chris Torch (moderator), Artistic Director for Intercult in Sweden and Vice-President for EFAH
Awadhendra Sharan, Historian and active in the artistic network Sarai, New Dehli, India
Cecilia Parsberg, Artist and active in the network Elephantintheroom
Lena Stenmar, Coordinator at Kulturverkstan
Lluis Bonet, Director Universitat de Barcelona
12.30–13.00 Final words and conclusion
Conclusion of Encatc Conference Rally

The language spoken is English. Translation of key note speakers to French will be available.


Brew House Göteborg

The Conference will be held at Brew House, a new creative center for music, - film and mediaproduction. Brew House is situated in the centre of the city, close to Scandiavium, The Museum of World Cultures, Universeum and the amusement parc Liseberg. The tramstop is "Scandinavium" and you walk down towards the large swimhouse Valhalla.

Brew House Göteborg
Åvägen 24
Ph: +4631834100
Bus/tram-stop: Scandinavium



Museum of World Cultures
Members of Encatc gather for General Assembly 2007 on May 31st at 15.00h–18.00h. After the meeting we go directly to the opening of the 15th Annual Conference at Brew House.

The General Assembly will be held at the Museum of World Cultures. The Museum was opened in 2004 with an ambition to interpret the concept of world culture in a dynamic and open-ended manner. The Museum is situated in the central city, close to Universeum, the arena Scandinavium and the amusement park Liseberg. Get off at Korsvägen and it is very close to walk.

Museum of World Cultures
Södra Vägen 54
Ph: +4631632700
Bus/tramstop: Korsvägen



"Networking at high speed!"

Encatc Conferece Rally is an initiative by Institut für Kulturkoncepte Vienna and Hamburg.

The ECR is a tool to enhance the possibilities of individual networking and socialising among participants of the conference. It will make it easier to make contacts and encourage participants to get to know each other’s aims and profiles better for future cooperation. Having fun will be the welcomed side effect. The ECR is part of the programme and starts with registration on Thursday at 18.30 and Friday at 08.00–09.00. At the registration desk, participants register for the conference and will at the same time have the opportunity to register for the ECR. A Polaroid picture is taken of each participant, or ECR-Pilot, and will be put on a wall together with short information like name, country, and organisation. ECR-Pilots will be recognized during the conference by a small pin in the form of a car attached to their conference tags.

There will be a permanent ECR-desk during the conference with information for the ECR participants. There will also be a map of Europe where pins are put to locate the ECR participants and, as the conference proceed, on which we will draw lines between the ECR participants who interacted and communicated during the conference. During the Open Space, Saturday June 2, there will be an opportunity of "speed networking". This form is based on the rules of speed dating which you can find at dating. A final documentation will be made of who got to know whom and the outcomes of this high-speed interaction. Prizes will be granted to those who made the most contacts!

Register at the registration desk and become an ECR-Pilot during the conference!