Organizers and funders

European Network for Cultural Administration Training Centres (encatc)

Encatc is the European network of institutions and professionals involved in training and education in the broad field of cultural management. Founded in 1992 in Poland, this independent and unique network gathers 129 members (83 full members, 43 associate members and 3 individual members) and operates through 40 countries. Encatc is, together with Nätverkstan, one of the organisasers of the conference. Each year Encatc has an Annual Conference for its members. It has been in for example Turin (2003), Krakow (2004), Potsdam (2005) and Bratislava (2006). In 2007 it is placed in Göteborg. Look at

Business Region Göteborg

Business Region Göteborg and its project Cultural- and mediaproduction is one of the important funders and cooperation partners. Business Region Göteborg AB is a non-profit company that works to strengthen and develop trade and industry in the Göteborg region. The goal is to contribute to strong growth, a high level of employment and diversity in trade and industry in the region. The company started the project Cultural- and mediaproduction in 2000 to strengthen and develop cultural entrepreneurship in the region. The project has played an important role and initiated the building of a the musicproduction house and cluster for music- and filmindustry in Göteborg: Brew House. Visit or

Brew House Göteborg

With a great generousity of Brew House Göteborg it is possible to have the conference all three days at this very well located and spacious building. Brew House Göteborg is a creative centre for music-, film-, and mediaproduction. The aim is to be a meeting place for cooperation and building of network. Today around 70 businesses within music-, film-, and media are located in the building.

The region Västra Götaland

The conference is possible with the generous support from the regional office of Västra Götaland. 1.5 million people of some 130 nationalities live in Västra Götaland's 49 municipalities representing 17% of the overall Swedish population. Geographically, Västra Götaland is one of the largest regions in Sweden with an area of 24,000 square kms. Göteborg is the largest city and the centre of growth in the region. The Regional Council with 149 members is the mightiest political decision-making body in the region. Members are chosen in public elections every four years. The council is responsible for healthcare, taking up 90% of the region's budget. Another important assignment for the Council is to create the best conditions for development of business, infrastructure, culture, tourism and environmental issues. It is also authorised to levy council taxes. For more information visit

Stiftelsen Framtidens Kultur

The conference is also supported with generousity by Stiftelsen framtidens kultur, The Foundation for the Culture of the Future. This foundation was established by the Swedish Government in 1994, and was allocated capital amounting to 529 million Swedish kronor. The purpose of the Foundation, which will exist for at least ten years, is to financially support long-term and innovative cultural projects, thus stimulating regional culture in a wide sense. One of the underlying aims of this is to encourage economic growth and development in the regions. In pursuing this aim, the Foundation will eventually use up its capital. In view of the time limit on its existence, the Foundation will not help fund what can be regarded as operational costs. Nor will it finance, or in any other way assume responsibility for, activities that have had their content or funding reviewed as a result of changes in the public sectorVisit for more information.


Nätverkstan is a non-profit cultural organisation based in Göteborg. The organisation started in 1996 and runs two longer training programmes Kulturverkstan, a Project Management Programme within the Cultural Field, and Globalverkstan, a Project Management Programme within civil society. They also provide economic services and distribution services for around forty smaller cultural journals in Sweden, do different studies and cultural projects and also provide information technology services for the sector. Nätverkstan is the host of the conference in Göteborg and have been a member of Encatc since 2003. Since 2005 Nätverkstan has a representative in the board of Encatc. You find Nätverkstan at

The Knowledge Foundation

The generous support by The Knowledge Foundation make it possible to invite prominent key note speakers for the conference. The Foundation work to make Sweden more competitive. They arrange creative forums, devise new forms of collaboration, and refine and document methods of cooperating and developing skills. In all these ways, they seek to enhance the capacity of the higher education and business sectors to cooperate in pursuing common aims.

Since the Foundation was formed in 1994, they have invested more than SEK 6 billion in establishing research environments with distinctive profiles at Sweden’s new universities and other higher education institutions. They have worked to promote the exchange of knowledge and skills between higher education and the business sector, and the use of IT in such sectors as education, teacher training and healthcare. More information at

Göteborg & Co Näringslivsgruppen

We have also gotten support from Göteborg & Co that helps us create a conference with extra value. Göteborg & Co is a publicly and privately owned company that promotes and develops Göteborg as a destination. The overall goal for the Trade & Industry Group at Göteborg & Co is to help develop Göteborg into one of Europe’s most pleasant and attractive urban regions to visit and in which to live and work.