Cultural activities

For cultural activities we offer two possibilities on the evening of Friday, June 1. You can buy tickets at the registration desk at Brew House.

OBS! There are a limited amount of tickets available.

Five and a half days for extraordinary thinking

This is an art performance by Katarina Nitsch. Katarina Nitsch is an artist that work with artistic stage performances where she combines performance, video and installations. Her work is known for the non-compromising form. She uses different techniques and something she often comes back to is filming and directing directly in front of the audience. The Friday night performance is shown for the first time on stage!

Atalante is the stage for contemporary and creative art in Göteborg. For more information, please look under "Study visits".

Time: Friday, June 1 at 19.00h

Tickets: Tickets are 6 Euro (50 SEK) and you buy your ticket at the registration desk at Brew House

Hans Appelqvist + Erik Malmberg

Hans Appelqvist and Erik Malmberg are two wilful artists from the record company Häpna ( Hans Appelqvist has lately gotten a lot of attention for his beautiful record "Naima", where popmusic is mixed with different sound-experiments and sound-images. Erik Malmberg used to be a member of Sagor & Swing (Farytales & Swing). They have a special performance at Nefertiti, one of the major jazz- and club stages in Göteborg.

Time: Friday, June 1 at 20.00h

Tickets: Tickets are 11 Euro (100 SEK) and you buy your ticket at the registration desk at Brew House