About Göteborg

Göteborg is Sweden's second biggest city with around 500.000 inhabitants. It is an old industrial city now changing its profile to a more knowledgebased city. In Göteborg you can find mostly everything that you need: schools, university, event, enjoyment and business.

An afternoon in the city?

Well, if you get some time over, here are a few – there are plenty – suggestions of what to do....

Take a tram-trip. Jump on any tram and go for a tramride around the city.

Visit one of the beautiful parks in the centre of the city and feel the spring-grass under your feet in Trädgårn, The Botanical Garden or Slottskogen.

Take a tram to Angereds Centrum and visit the beatiful garden of Lärjedalen and their very nice cafe.

Go to Röda Sten and stand under the Älvsborgsbridge, listen to the sounds of the bridge and look for Vinga, the island out in the archepilago (and of course take a stroll into the exhibiton of Röda Sten).

Take tram number 9 or 11 to Saltholmen and take a swim in the ocean. While you are there you can take the ferries to one of the islands nearby.

Ask any person from Göteborg on the conference to take you to a tour around Järntorget, Haga, Långgatorna and finish with a coffee at one of the cafés.

Take a guided tour of Göteborg with the touristbus or go with the Paddan-boat on a guided tour in the channels of Göteborg and the harbour.

Visit one of the many museums like Röhsska Design Museum, the Art museum, The City Museum, Universeum...or the many Art Galleries...

Take a tour through the harbour to the Fort of Elfsborg and feel the wings from history from the 1600s.

Go to Götheborgsutkiken, the top of the "lipstick"-building near the Opera house, to see a fantastic view over the town or perhaps a visit to one of the towers near the Liseberg Amusementpark, eat a shrimpsandwich and enjoy the view.

Go shopping or take a coffee at one of the many cafés.

Visit a performance at one of the many theatres, dancecompanies, the Opera in the centre or just outside.

More suggestions, facts and an overall information about the city, visit www.goteborg.com. Look under "to do" and "about Göteborg". You can also find the history of Göteborg, political system and municipality activities and services under www.goteborg.se. Click on "English" and you find all information in English.